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Specialist providers of on-site workforce accommodation and services across Australia.

Mining Camps Australia is a specialist provider of high quality, reliable portable hire camps that are designed for rapid deployment.

As a specialist provider for on-site workforce accommodation, we have a modern fleet of hire camps strategically positioned around Australia ready for deployment to your work site quickly and economically. Our "Plug and Stay" solutions are available in single and co-shared/ensuited and ablution styles. Rental options are extensive including standalone accommodation through to full package options with camp management and extensive recreational infrastructure and ancillary services. Initiatives such as our pressurised sewage system avoids excavations to minimise environmental impact and reinstatement costs.

We have built a trusted reputation and are committed to providing a comprehensive range of quality equipment and service solutions for all of our customers, with a hands on management approach.


  • Minerals and energy exploration
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Pipelines and utilities
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Disaster
  • Agribusiness


  • Accommodation Units
  • Kitchen / Dining Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry
  • Administration and Recreational Facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Portable Offices
  • State of the Art Digital Communication Facilities
  • Outdoor BBQ Areas
  • Transportation and Onsite Camp Set-up
  • Generators and Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Potable Water Units
  • Camp Management - including nutritious catering, housekeeping and overall maintenance on camp facilities
  • Ancillary Services - Trade Services, Electrical, Plumbing, Air Conditioning
  • Logistics and transport - provided by qualified trade professionals with In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) satellite navigation, trackable in all locations
  • After sales service and support from our friendly staff


The experience of completing over 100 remote camp hire projects for a range of customers has proven our ability to deliver cost effective solutions that are quick to mobilise and demobilise. The camps are robust and self-sustaining designed for limited access locations but suitable for all environments and climates.

Our self contained camps range in size to accommodate 10 to 200 personnel in short stay and long stay situations. Extensive ancillary infrastructure options include gymnasiums, recreation rooms and communications and entertainment systems to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of your workers. MCA's experience, versatility and service focus ensures your camp operates reliably with minimal disruptions to your workers and your business.

Delivering peace of mind to our customers, along with efficient, responsive and cost effective solutions is our mission.


Temporary accommodation reduces environmental impact due to no cranes or extractors resulting in a smaller overall footprint. After project completion and camp removal, the site is returned to its original state. Environmental sustainability is a core component of our business and reducing our footprint on land is one of the main objectives within our organisation, as is the aim is to be more efficient and productive, whilst encouraging collaboration to produce a more positive outcome.

MCA’s work practices ensure:
  • Managing and minimising waste
  • Preserving local cultural heritage
  • Minimising the impact on flora and fauna
Some of our ongoing environmental accomplishments include:
  • Electrical power savings has dropped our electricity consumption
    • Timeclocks on workshop machinery to turn off power when not in use
    • PE cells on external lighting to operate only when required
    • Light replacement to LED capability
    • Inverter Air conditioning, run only when required
  • Solar powered wastewater treatment plant commissioned on-site
  • Recycling waste
  • Waste oil is collected and transported to a certified oil recycling centre
  • Planting over one hundred trees’ in our adjoining easement to increase wildlife